Mogging off to Brixham

A welcome break from our buy to let renovation permits a visit to the Brixham fish market to stock up the freezer. Filleted Place at £2 each makes the trip worthwhile but congestion slows the journey to one hour each way. Major works at the Kingskerswell by-pass.
Brixham is not yet at its busiest but plenty of activity at the harbourside. The trawler Vigilance is being worked on. A gull snatched an ice cream cornet from a gent by the harbour-side that was consumed by a ravenous mob of gulls in seconds.

Amid the rusting fishing gear high and dry atop the sea wall are several small fishing boats and engine parts, oil barrels and baulks of timber. Lost within the clutter is a nut brown lady vagrant sunning herself – she is part of the harbour scene and chooses to watch the world go by, bare footed and unnoticed, camouflaged in her rust colored ragged clothes. Feeling embarrassed at first seeing her toes, then her foot and the reclining torso I suppose no more than one in a hundred passers-by become aware of her presence.

Here we are several months later for another plate of cod and chips. A force 7 westerly gale is blowing that is keeping many trawlers in the harbour this Saturday afternoon.

On a grey day the colours brighten the scene

Sheltering from a force 7 gale

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  1. Beautifully written. Brought back so many memories of quieter times spent in Brixham in my early years, when the hot summers days seemed never-ending. Lovely.


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