Looe, Seaton, Crafthole, Portwrinkle, leafy lanes and Wild Garlic.

Looe is busy as usual

Driving down the shady green road alongside the Seaton river, tunnelling beneath the canopy of trees. Autumn leaves blowing in a fierce gale of wind. 

From Crafthole I first head to Portwrinkle at the foot of the Whitesand bay Golf Club. The tiny harbour under repair from a previous gale. Heading west a little further along the coast I find I am chasing a rainbow but the scattered showers are blowing in the wind and large droplets obscure the Go Pro lense.
Seaton beach shows signs of recent battering with its damaged sea defences and tree logs strewn along the tideline.
Looe is next and time for a pasty. Watering holes, Galleries and Pasty Shops at every street corner. Again there are storm repairs ongoing, this time to the high harbour walls.

Further up the river all is quiet

The road sign said no turning and there was none! —  Reversed back up the hill

Heading towards Seaton

Matthew our eldest son had a hospital appointment today so Helen is not with me –  it seems such a lonely road alone.
I once tried a long motorcycle trip by myself and discovered I am not really a stand alone person. I cut short that trip by riding twenty four hours and through the night to reach home once again. The only bonus point being the clear starlit sky with an unforgettable feeling of navigation by that heavenly map.

Having covered nearly 30k miles in the 4/4 I am delighted to say the pleasures are still growing. I just love the way the little Duratec motor settles down to a purr at 3000 rpm and will happily stay there all day long


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