Princetown for all day breakfast

Destination Fox Tor Cafe today in wall to wall sun across Dartmoor via Bovey Tracey and Grimspound. Super scenic run on busy roads but not so busy as last month in the snow.

At 11.30 am we reached the favourite eating place in Princetown and found the car park at the rear to be almost full and the cafe busy. Helen bought a couple of  books on Dartmoor walks as presents and we enjoy the warmth of two log burners going in the merry family atmosphere.

Towards home via Holne we stop at the Dart bridge for a photo session beside the river where to my exasperation the camera zoom lens of my Nikon malfunctioned for the second time in its two year life. Not something one would expect from a supposedly quality product.
I decided to head back via Exeter

In full spate the river fills this arch to  within 2/3 of the height of the roof.

Another victim of the internet revolution leaving me with the problem lens – I shall forward it to the repairers directly.

On arrival at the Harlequin car park in Exeter, Helen had a hilarious moment at my expense where we normally park the Morgan without incident.  Backing into the slot I touch the steel armour gently with the rear of the luggage rack onto which I mount a fire extinguisher. To make sure it had not dislodged I check the fixing but it frees loose in the process. Falling from my hand, down onto its trigger the thing deployed with a shower of white extinguisher powder, which dusted the rear end of the Morgan. Helen dissolved in hoots of laughter.

Returning home I find the Devon Camera Exchange to be un-contactable and my lens invoice for its previous repair lost in the caverns of a failed filing system.

Newly made Ted for Sophie

Yesterday my Pfaff sewing machine reverse lever jammed.
The third item broken in as many days.

To conclude my afternoon the engine oil and filter of the 4/4 is now changed.

One less job to do before we head away across channel in May.

Milo-meter reading 38,000+

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