A tribute to my better half

Helen gives me the courage to be brave and attempt the ventures I might not otherwise enjoy. Hers is the job of navigator and once reluctant hero who summoned help for roadside rescue.

Wrapped well against the chill wintry showers of March

Together we have ventured to Spain by BMW bike, to Norway by caravan and France, Spain, and Portugal by Passat, Peugeot, Volvo and Morgan. 

Our very first trip as friends began within this classic

 1932 MG F type Magna which ran faultlessly to Scotland and back

We enjoy motorised travel enormously and plan to venture south again in May with the Morgan open topped.
Helen takes charge of the maps and paperwork and monitors the GPS .


All the bookings have now been made and insurances sorted, including travel with Saga. They offer a good deal for the 50+.

Pre-existing health issues are dealt with on-line in a few moments by clicking the appropriate boxes. 

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