Street Markets for the casual collector

Devon has a thriving and growing Market-Place economy. 

Farmers Markets flourish in city centres and at the farm gate.
White van man is seen at the crack of dawn each and every weekend heading to the fields of car-booters. Come rain or shine the car parks fill with the self employed making a living.
The advantages – No shop rent, no rates, no service charges, no V.A.T,  no heating & lighting, no pressure and no targets.
The till is a bum bag – the shop front is portable – the hours are flexible – the profits reliable.
If you want a Tibetan teapot I know a man who can help you.
If you want a caftan or a sarong I know a lady who can help too.
An axe or a saw or a chisel? Fishing tackle, porcelain, sheepskins, fresh meat, garden plants, antique brass, silverware, or just bling ? 

The popular BBC One antiques programme Flog It presented by Paul Martin, visited Powderham Castle, on Thursday 7th May.  Such promotions of the antique will inflate interest and prices  for certain.  Perhaps even the prices of curios and collectables at our local market.

Totnes Market

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