Le Lavandou coast road (D559)

To round off the visit to the Cote d’Azure we take a trip to La Lavendou along the D559 scenic road to Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer,  a botanical garden conserved by the Coastal Protection Agency,  who ensure that more than 10% of this coastline will be permanently preserved.
Part of the back road to the foreshore we take along single track roads, one of which is barred from use.  The wild flowers found up here beside the road are almost as good as the conserved varieties.

Engine oil issues with the Ford Duratec power unit and the oil dipstick have surfaced in that it is very easy to overfill or underfill the engine with oil. The stick has a moulded tip which snugly fits within its tube down into the sump and exits below the oil surface. Drawing the stick out draws oil up into the tube and then pushes it back down, all too easily giving a false reading. The amber warning light came on shortly after leaving Roscoff, but the problem was cured by draining some oil off to reduce the level. By drawing the stick out, cleaning the tip and then only replacing it slowly to allow the oil time to return up the tube, does an accurate reading become possible. From other blogs it seems garages too can sometimes make the same mistake.

Only cyclists may use the direct route

Naked flames prohibited

Another detour

Le Lavendou

Fishing and diving prohibited

At Domaine du Rayol

Azure is this sparkling Kingfisher blue


Some garden pot !

Spiked, sharp and thorny things

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