Heading back the way we came

From out of Italy, Vars was approached via Briancon and Queras.  The faster route through several tunnels avoiding closed high passes.  Air pollution and traffic around Milan, Torino and industrial heartland was heavy, only left behind once in the Alps. The Italian approach to driving is in evidence on the motorway and requires a defensive approach. Tailgating is rife.
At a midway motorway stop for cherries and coffee we sat and gazed at the comings and goings. A grey bus with blackened windows emptied out its troop of oriental youngsters and they quickly cleared the tables of a market trader’s fruit stall.
Today’s itinerary included stops at Col D’Izoard, St-Veran, and Ceillac, the approach to which is an amazing series of tight hairpins rising through a narrow gorge. I regret not having video recorded this quite extraordinary piece of road engineering but here is the Google next best thing:-  The Z bend exit from Ceillac

At a wi-fi cafe the Le Refuge Napoleon we took a coffee break after explored the scenic valley Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye (D25).

Roofs of shingles, stone or corrugated iron

Towards Col D’Izoard


Wooden water trough

Souvenirs at the museum festooned with  relics collected by a hoarder 


Snow meltwater

Clear blue water

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