Sidmouth on a clear day

Sidmouth today was clearly the way to go for a spin in the Morgan. Before noon we took off via  Yettington and across Woodbury Common. The Devon lanes lead up through Otterton over the bridge by the Mill which has just changed hands and then our favourite stretch past Pinn Farm. From Pinn Farm the lane climbs high on the back of sea cliffs of red sandstone before plunging down into Sidmouth, to open onto the promenade.
A gentle stroll and browse of the Azure gift shop,  Mountstephen jewellers, debating where to settle for some light refreshment we choose a latte and toffee cake at Mocha by the Beach.
A chill morning meant we enjoyed the pick of a pleasant window seat for two.
The beach was also virtually deserted by Sidmouth standards. One intrepid couple were about to set off in their sea kayaks equipped with enough gear for an Atlantic crossing.  Their picnic lunch and primus stove was packed away below decks.

Turnstone on the Promenade

Heading south for some secluded cove

Empty Spider Crab 

Ebb tide about to uncover the sand

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