I Don’t Believe It.. Operation Weasel

Gravity waves exist for sure. Einstein proved it a hundred years ago.
This week the excited Americans claim to have proved it by observation.
The listening device was not directed towards any particular point in space.
The lady announcer said that they had been exceedingly fortunate in having switched on at the moment two black holes were seen to have been merging 1.2 billion light years away from the USA and much too coincidental for my liking.

We are shown a computer simulation of the said two black holes merging, which is all very well and makes for interesting footage on screen, but is no verification of gravity waves actually detected anywhere.

Within two arms of split laser light beams, shone at right angles to one another, inside a couple of tunnels four kilometres long, might have been lurking a Money Spider dangling from the tunnel roof.    Weasel in the Works – Update

The nail in the coffin for me was the scientist at the rostrum, gesticulating the words: “We have done It”.   

That was my Victor Meldrew moment. Please repeat the experiment a dozen times to persuade this doubter.

      On the opposite side of our planet the LHC collider is a machine consisting of 16.5 miles of a circular tunnel 100 metres underground in Switzerland. It incorporates massive superconducting magnets. Two particle beams are made to cross paths and are guided to smash head on into one another with the equivalent energy of a Eurostar Express Train travelling at full speed. Theorists work around the clock aided by supercomputers to understand what happens here,
Some say it is possible to create minute black holes in this process, but assure the rest of us that they quickly decay and evaporate.

As yet, no one claims to have detected a graviton; the theoretical particle which may help explain gravity.
However, the new claims for gravitational waves detected in the USA may have accidentally discovered the first graviton, shot at point blank range (in cosmological terms) from the particle physics laboratory CERN, near Geneva when a “severe electrical perturbation” occurred in the early hours of Friday morning caused by a weasel in the works. Needless to say the little creature did not survive the high voltage encounter.

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