Dartmoor & Quiet Enjoyment

A start this morning was not made early enough to catch the colours of the sunrise. With the hood down on the Morgan this frosty morning the chill factor was well below zero. The first time for a long time, when I can say the Moor was deserted. Devoid of vehicles, apart from the stray tractor and one or two abandoned cars left by the roadside. Near the Warren House Inn one had left the road and rolled, shattering all the windows. Bits of trim all adrift.
Today the snow had melted and the quiet was complete. 

The drum of the 4/4 motor was drowned out by the quiet, except for the few sections of narrow lane where the ice formed and had partially melted. Here it crackled beneath the wheels to the sound of frying bacon and egg, in a saucepan too hot.
I was so contented with my lot that the camera stayed stowed away for most of the outward drive. Stopping in Tavistock for a slice of bread pudding in the pannier market at about 10 am, searching for that elusive mascot that the radiator lacks. Also watched for, a camera tripod but none was found here today.

The Moor was home to some of my earliest known forebears, so I am fortunate to be able to wander those lanes they would have wandered. Whether they roamed on shanks pony or horse and cart I cannot say, but there would have been no engine.  

At Holn at last and home-bound I found an opportunity to play with my camera and some filters.  I am pleased with the results so far.

At the doctors surgery last week I was questioned by the phlebotomist about my medication (pills for thinning the blood). Was I taking all that was prescribed? She asked.  I confirmed that I was, adding that phrase: “with due diligence”.  The lady gave me one big cheeky grin and seemed favourably amused; so I bowled her another googly. “Quiet enjoyment”. I said, and told her that it’s one of my favourites !

Here is where she became quite joyful with the concept, when I added that its something all of us are entitled to in our own home. Part of our entitlement conferred by way of ownership.
I feel just so entitled to enjoy Dartmoor quietly, hence the title to this post.

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