Letting off Steam – All’s well that ends well.

What better place to vent some heat exchange than a scenic train ride alongside the Dart Estuary. A gentle ride to the marina and ferry trip to Dartmouth- walking stick in hand, back pain and all.
Soup and crusty bread is all I can manage this Saturday morning. The Doctor in the Accident and Emergency department did say to try and keep mobile. Take five deep breaths every half hour or so, to clear the lungs, and don’t be afraid to take paracetamol, ibuprofen or your preferred pain killer.
Thanks, but no thanks!  I prefer to listen to the messages my body returns to my stubborn head. Harbouring self doubt and fear that someone or something is about to stray into my path and cause another visit to A&E.
Hercules is the name of the engine, just shy of 100 years old, still hauling this lovely cream painted coach built train. Now full of the expectant and the excited and chuffing along the green valleys to Kingswear from Paignton and back, several time a day.

Live steam.

A few days later and I am happy once more: One replacement Volvo V70 bought and paid for with insurance money from the Allianz Plc. Insurers of first choice. The dear lady with whom I found myself in potentially mortal A379 road combat, survives the ordeal and is as sorry as me, that we found ourselves on a collision course.  Eleven days of sore ribs but now able to laugh once more.


Reversing to re-attach to the train for the return journey.  The bruised octogenarian lady is recovering from her bruises and able to walk to the village post office as well as I can.  Her transport out of the village by free bus pass. I still have the choice if the need should arise.

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