Battling a Dartmoor gale in the Morgan

Helen and me followed the A30 today to Okehampton to buy some bee fondant at the National Bee Supplies superstore but Okehampton lived up to its nickname of Soakhampton.

A gale of wind was driving ice cold rain from the west, so we reluctantly upped the hood of the Morgan and headed back up the road to Whidden Down then headed south to Moretonhampstead for the dramatic weather scenery west, then on to Two Bridges. Here we tracked our way back to the sun which was towards Ashburton.

The mileometer that had been mended with a replacement LCD now working to my relief. A jiggle around behind the dashboard seems to make the connection.
We attempted to park in Chagford along the way but the town was too busy and so the usual coffee and toasted tea cake at the Bird Cage Cafe passed by.

Home once more and relieved to find the washing on the line bone dry.  Not a drop of rain had fallen in Kenton all day.

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