A letter to America

Horrific news is breaking in the UK and inevitably in the wider world of the unfolding tragic massacre in Las Vegas. Just another in a long line of masssacres, due in large part to the unfettered gun lobby and its associated American industry.

Your president is silent on the issue of gun control and pretends to hold out his heart felt sympathies to victims and their families.  What fool has spawned to lead your gun toting society!
I would not presume to speak for anyone else on such a life or death issue as this, and if you are an American reading this blog, it will inevitably make for difficult reading.
Your president Trump has spoken of obliterating a whole country – namely North Vietnam, which would result in millions of deaths. He pretends to be concerned about the deaths of just fifty nine Americans – one millionth of the number of deaths he threatens.
Trumps’ hypocracy knows no bounds when one breath speaks of  deadly threat, then the next breath speaks of heartfelt sympathy.
All Americans will have heard the first commandment “though shall not kill”.

3,000 Dollars mail order.

I suggest all America is responsible for many of the troubles seen in our world today. Much stems from the desire to bear arms, and not least from the unexpected consequences of holding to this mantra.
The battle cry of one sick mind has been allowed to run riot in an otherwise peacable community and the resultant carnage knows no bounds. It has been copied from previous events of a similar type, and inevitably will be copied in future, so long as the prevailing nature of the American phsyche holds to its present course.

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