Land of the Free

“Land of the Free” once included the ordinary American, but today includes the freedom of a US cop to kill as this cop did, equipped with an AR-15 rifle with the phrase “You’re F—ed” etched onto his weapon.
This cops’ own hip camera records the murder, yet he is acquitted  ; The victim face down.

Meanwhile at the well defended White House, sits a neurotic, narcissistic president in office clearly unfit for any such chair.

Little wonder then, why many settlers and their descendants dig-in with a bomb shelter, arm themselves to the teeth, store provisions, head for the hills, or emigrate like never before.

An American president in bed with Russia and Israel. A supporter of the National Rifle Association.

Courtesy of the Washington Post is the report “I study Liars” and it says quite a lot about Trump;  Perhaps that is exactly how he wants to be remembered.

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