Picos 17-04-2018 Snow & Sun

Caín de Valdeón is a small village a short drive from our B&B so we chose to explore and pleased we did so. The Rio Cares carves a deep gorge along which there is a footpath hewn  by men, over many centuries, out of the limestone rock. It weaves a tortuous path through tunnels, beside steep drops and clinging to the rock face.
In all, the path is 12k long but we managed only the first 2k before the legs began to “wither on the vine” so to speak.

A beautiful days circular tour subsequently taken from Posada deValdeon anti-clockwise through Riano and back to Valdeon via Portilla de la Reina. At Riano the only Filling station for miles around enabled a top with Sans Plomb 95 octane.

Towards  Caín de Valdeón

Through the hairpins

20% gradient

Blind bends

The river thunders down between the rocks and boulders

Squeezing tighter as we go deeper

Caín de Valdeón

Footpath begins to narrow

Spot the beehives

Snow melting 

The cart before the Morgan

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