Atlantic Spain 21st April

Valdeon in the Picos is left behind after a very pleasant stay with Miriam our AirB&B host.  A very kind and most helpful lady. Our route to the coast took us towards Leon via Riano, Leon, then via  Ourense to the coast just south of Vigo  where the next stopover close to the Portuguese border is 10 miles from a special archaeological  site of Celtic origin. 

The new venue hosts are Dutch and speak English quite well.
The Morgan ran beautifully, but 350 miles is plenty for one days’ travel and its septuagenarian driver. Including three rest stops the journey took 6 hours.
At A Garda the Celtic Village is on a granite rock commanding views along the coast from north to south including the mouth of the Minho river and across to Portugal.

Between 3000 and 5000 villagers lived here in Celtic times.

The roofs were believed to be of conical form

Before the Romans arrived on the scene all transport and travel was by sea

The sea port today is not very elegant – Just a working harbour with a  few fishing boats 

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