We all eat Poison – Updated

Glyphosate weedkiller commonly named Roundup, is a known carcenogenic extensively used by farmers worldwide and we all unwittingly eat foodstuffs of one sort or another contaminated by its residue.

While cancer sufferers are treated with chemotherapy years after the event (of poisoning), the far more toxic stuff manufactured by Monsanto is poisoning the very food no one can avoid.

Farmers and their friends and relatives who have suffered from longer term exposure are now attempting to sue the company that is fighting back its accusers, those who are suffering by way of losing loved ones to cancers due to Glyphosate.
The principal ingredient is organophosphate ; The same essential ingredient used in the production of  the poison Novichok.

Even so called “organic” food products are unsafe due to the fact that Glyphosate residues contaminate the soil worldwide and is pervasive – lingering long after application to a whole tranch of growing foodstuff.     Guardian Report

Poisoning our food every day

Breaking News today – Chemical giant Monsanto has been ordered to pay $289m (£226m) damages to a man who claimed herbicides containing glyphosate had caused his cancer.

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