Licence to Murder

US cops Kill   Only watch the video in this report if you think you can stomach seeing a fully armed US police officer shoot dead a suspect begging for his life on the ground at point blank range. It is a horrific, disturbing crime that is very wrong – and yet the US cop was acquitted.

Guardian   Read this report if you wish to better understand what goes on in Palestine. Destruction of a Theatre and cultural centre by Israel.
After the horrors of the Second World War, a document was written specifically to outline and protect every single human beings’ basic rights. In 1948, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights was established to do exactly that. 

Read any of the above  reports to better understand Jeremy Corbyn.  My sympathies are with his stance against violence – particularly that which is to be found in Palestine.

 BBC on Corbyn  Decide whether or not Jeremy Corbyn is under attack for simply being a pacifist (as so many often are).

The Guardian sheds light on the issues    Luciana Berger, the parliamentary chair of the Jewish Labour Movement, tweeted: “The video released today of the leader of @UKLabour making inexcusable comments – defended by a party spokesman – makes me as a proud British Jew feel unwelcome in my own party. I’ve lived in Britain all my life and I don’t need any lessons in history/irony.”

For daring to suggest some Jew lacks a sense of humour within Britain’s culture, Jeremy Corbyn is attacked yet again by those enemies seeking to depose him.
For what its worth and what my understanding of Jews in Britain is,  I see a group made welcome here, who seem to forget that Britain fought at great cost to rid Europe of the Nazi threat, a threat entirely responsible for the persecution and deaths of so many of their number. Britons were also lost in that conflict, alongside many ethnic minorities and allies. It’s high time that Jews sat down and gave some thought to that sacrifice and stopped throwing abuse at each and every slightest criticism of their Zionist culture or of the actions  perpetrated by Israel against Palestine today.

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